In 2005 Ontario passed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).  This act was the first step toward paving the way for a more accessible Ontario, and starting in January of 2012 the accessibility requirements for public organizations started to become mandatory.  The number of people in Ontario with disabilities is over 15% of the population, and that number grows every year.  The necessity for web accessibility is no longer debatable.

While the goal for Web Accessibility itself is key, the requirements to bring your website up to spec have the added benefit of also being requirements for the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) validation process for your website.
This means that when you make your website accessible, you’re also updating the coding foundations it is built on, bringing your website up to coding standards as well as accessibility standards.

AODA Compliance Deadline

The deadline for organizations to bring their websites up to AODA standards is January 2014.

Many businesses in Ontario are opting to beat the January deadline so that they aren’t missing out on opportunities from the growing population of disabled web users and to allow ample time for bringing their websites up to date.

Additional benefits for getting started early on AODA compliance are:

  • SEO – Google and other major search engines show preference to code-validated websites in search engine results.
  • User Experience – Even for users who aren’t accessing your website with a screen reader or assistive technology, updating your website ensures that your content is recent, your photos are properly labelled, and that the site doesn’t contain outdated information.
  • Browser Compatibility – One of the key factors in updates to coding standards is making sure that how websites are built isn’t interrupted by the browser it’s being viewed in.  Validating the code on your site will guarantee that browsers old and new, desktop and mobile, can view your site seamlessly.


How does ChromeMedia fit in?

Our team is fully-trained in the most up-to-date coding standards and web accessibility requirements.  We have acquired the skills to ensure your website is fully valid and compliant.  Exposure and reach for your website is our priority.

The ChromeMedia team has made the process simple.  We will evaluate your specific needs and create a customized strategy using AODA standards while keeping your organization’s branding on point.

We use a web accessibility evaluation tool to determine the current state of your site, structure a plan to modify your site accordingly, then thoroughly test your site using the most popular assistive technologies.It is our goal to provide expertise in accessibility services such as multimedia and image text alternatives, colour ratio evaluation, text and zoom capabilities, keyboard-only accessibility, captcha, time limits, blinking images, navigation and menus, user correction, tables, and more.