What do you do at Chrome Media?

I’m the User Experience (UX) Designer and Front-end Developer. In layman terms: I make beautiful websites and web applications with users in mind.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Left and Right Brain

I’d say there are two different, but equal parts to what I love about my job: our highly efficient workflow and our office culture.

Working in the highly cooperative Lean Agile environment that we have here, I’m able to complement the beautiful code that our back-end development team writes with equally well-crafted design elements to achieve a polished, refined experience for our clients (and their customers).

Of course, even the most efficient team is nothing without a great sense of cohesion. The culture we have here is casual and very friendly, with equal parts mutual respect and genuine compatibility. The major benefit of such a highly creative, honest and comfortable environment is it lends itself well to a lot of creative collaboration (a dream come true for a right-brainer!)

What do you spend most of your time doing?

I spend most of my time refining the User Experience design skills. This means strategizing and philosophizing (that’s a word right?) my design choices in as many ways as I can before even touching a line of code.

I believe that good design only comes from thinking as a highly analytical, very picky user. I take myself out of the head of a developer/designer, and force myself to think as the most basic user and aim to design for that user.

What’s your favourite activity, outside of work?


My downtime is filled with a few too many hobbies, but most notable is PC gaming. Other than time spent improving my FPS skills, I’m also a casual photographer, gardener, painter, and am a very enthusiastic bibliophile (I read and collect a lot of books).