What do you do?

I am a software craftsman. I write clean, beautiful code for web.

How can building a platform for your website benefit a company?

It’s about providing service. Today, any company’s customers and suppliers expect to be able to
communicate through the web. It’s efficient. This is not only about people talking to people, but a
customer’s website talking to their supplier’s web site. Also, a company’s employees expect to be able to
carry out their administrative tasks through web applications that are accessible wherever they are and
work like the web sites they are used to (Facebook, Gmail, Pinterest). Business owners need their web
software to integrate seamlessly with their existing software so they are not repeating data entry, wasting
valuable time and resources.

Essentially, easy to navigate web applications that are ‘customer facing’ are now a necessity. Any
company that is not providing a web application that allows their customers to perform ordering,
payments, or is updating their customer information is going to lose their customer to a company that
does. Web applications will save a company money and allow them to improve their business processes.

Tell me about the coolest project you have completed recently?

Though not complete, PisciMetrix has to be our coolest project. It has the potential to make an impact
in many places, including benefiting the quality and price of the food we eat, benefiting the economy
by making fish production more efficient, and – perhaps most importantly – improving the environment
by providing valuable impact assessments and recommendations. It’s an enormously impactful data
analytics project.

What’s your favourite type of job?

I love to work on the challenging software problems. What scares most people I find the most exciting. It’s
an opportunity for the team to come up with an elegant solution.

What’s your number one tip for businesses when it comes to software development?

It pays to get help. Most companies, especially start-ups, are not in the business of running a software
development team and have little or no experience running a software project. Choosing the right partner
to handle software development is so important because it allows the business to focus on what’s most
important, which is finding customers and providing them with value.