What do you do at ChromeMedia?

I am one of the owners of ChromeMedia Inc.  As a business owner I wear many hats, but the most prominent are business development and account management.

How has ChromeMedia Inc. changed over the last ten years?

In the early days, we built our own Content Management System from the ground up and grew the product to an install base of 500+ websites. Over the last few years we have transitioned into handling complex web application development projects and eCommerce integrations. We generally work on long-term projects where we can fully utilize our development team’s skills. We use Lean Agile project management techniques to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Why Kitchener-Waterloo?

Kitchener Waterloo

Grant and I were born and raised in this great city. As owners of our company, we have benefited from the tremendous growth of the tech sector in this area.  Waterloo region is a great place to find talent and grow a tech company. Organizations like Communitech and the talent pools from Conestoga, Laurier and Waterloo are fantastic resources.

What are you most excited about these days?

The types of projects we are attracting these days allow everyone on the team to reach their full potential. I am blown away by the demand for a talented team that can handle complex web application development projects.

What does the future look like for ChromeMedia?


Blue Skies all around!