Colonial Acres Coins is one of the largest Coin dealers in Canada, employing over 20 full time staff.

In 2010 Colonial Acres Coins approached ChromeMedia with an interesting project. The client already had an e-Commerce website, but it had been built using the Perl programming language in the late 1990s and was very dated.
In addition, Colonial was using several different offline systems to keep track of inventory on the website, and it was becoming too cumbersome to run multiple systems. ChromeMedia Inc. took up the challenge of rebuilding the site from the ground up, and also building a custom back-end administration system for order tracking and accounting tasks.
Under their old setup, Colonial was using several offline systems to track orders and handle accounting tasks. This lead to multiple staff members spending large amounts of time maintaining several different systems.
We worked with Colonial to spec out and build a custom administration system that would allow them to monitor orders, track shipping costs and handle accounting tasks in a single web based application. As a result, Colonial Acres now enjoys the benefits of having greatly reduced administrative costs.

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