Emerald Homes Ltd. is a custom home builder headquartered in Southern Ontario.
ChromeMedia put together a plan while working with Emerald Homes to gain exposure for the custom homes currently built, available property locations for their custom home building, as well as a means for showcasing successful past projects. The customized real estate listing layout was designed to minimize administrative costs and increase real estate inquiries, resulting in higher sales.
In order to showcase and sell available real estate, Emerald Homes required a customized display for each of their sub-divisions in Southern Ontario. The custom features included sub-division maps, Google Maps interactive street-view, and location-based listing pages.
The most effective way to minimize administrative costs is implementing a Content Management System (CMS). Having a CMS enables the client to make their own changes to site pages, photos and information.
Internally managing site updates also gives Emerald Homes a time-saving advantage over competitors with their ability to manage their real estate listings on an as-needed basis, without requiring a technically-savvy webmaster in-house.
To make this site as easy to use as possible, ChromeMedia installed a number of user-friendly applications designed to help increase click-through traffic, retain users, and generate higher revenue for Emerald Homes.
Included in these applications was a Smart Search feature that allows users to narrow down real estate listings from up to six specific features, generating a personalized search result page which includes a validated in-page contact form.

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