Nour Trading has been a global supplier of paint applicators and paint-related products since 1978.  Nour has attained a reputation for manufacturing quality professional painting tools by selecting the best raw materials available and producing those tools with proprietary technologies and processes developed by Nour.

Nour's primary goal for this project was the ability to showcase their craftsman products in a clean, organized brochure-style format. The catalog for this site needed to be visual but specifically needed to maintain the same navigability as a traditional print catalog to accommodate the industry shift from print to web. The result was a highly-customized, responsive brochure site.
In order to showcase and provide information on available products, Nour required a precise category hierarchy that their customers were familiar with navigating. In addition to maintaining a familiarity for existing customers, Nour also needed to appeal to new and potential customers by inviting them to browse the clean, mobile-friendly, highly visual brochure-style site.
In order to deliver the most information in the best format, the Nour site was designed with user interaction in mind. The catalog elements of the site maximize description real estate, as well as utilizing multiple product images, and product variations in sortable tables.
The most effective way to minimize administrative costs is implementing a Content Management System (CMS). Having a CMS enables the client to make their own changes to site pages, photos and information.
Internally managing site updates also gives Nour a time-saving advantage over competitors with their ability to manage their products and services on an as-needed basis, without requiring a technically-savvy webmaster in-house.
The website was audited using the most current web accessibility tools recommended by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These guidelines are reflected in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), which outline standards for making websites accessible for those using assistive technologies such as screen readers.
The plan we put together for implementing AODA standards for the Nour website included keeping the aesthetics, usability and responsiveness of the site intact. We were able to audit the entire site and present a fully accessible site experience.

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