After opening their doors in Kitchener in 1977, the Woodburner has been consistently dedicated to delivering high quality wood gas and electric fireplaces, patio furniture and barbeques.

Once the Woodburner's website started to see a jump in traffic due to a wider array of product offerings and an increase in interest for the website after in-store sales, they made the decision to upgrade their website.
The key areas of focus for the new website were a highly user-friendly catalog system, clean layout for their Industry Guides, and the flexibility of a platform that could expand easily with further company growth. With these goals in mind, we created a beautiful new catalog site to showcase products and generate traffic through the site to encourage users to visit the store.
In order to showcase and provide information on available products, the Woodburner required a customized display for each of their categorized products. The custom features included organized categories of product listings, and a smart search function.
The most effective way to minimize administrative costs and to maintain a high level of security for your site is upgrading any outdated Content Management System (CMS). Having a CMS enables the client to make their own changes to site pages, photos and information.
The ability to showcase and manage the website seamlessly also gives the Woodburner a time-saving advantage over competitors with their ability to manage their products and services on an as-needed basis, without requiring a technically-savvy webmaster in-house.

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