The Yves Landry Foundation, leaders in Canada’s manufacturing and business sectors, was founded in 1998.  Their mission is to advance technological education while offering skills training to resolve the skilled labour and technical professional shortages facing Canadian industry.  The foundation provides the opportunity for industry, education and government to collectively be part of the solution and thereby provide opportunities for Canadians to build great careers in manufacturing and technology.

The Foundation runs several programs that distribute millions of dollars in grant money to qualified manufacturing firms. Their website is a key point of contact for the organization.
All program information and application forms needed to be distributed through their website. In addition, the Foundation needed a system they could use internally to update the site, without relying on outside developers.
Yves Landry faced a number of challenges when the January 2014 deadlines were announced. Because the site was built on a custom content manager, updating and modifying the code and script foundations were the first priority.
Our team worked on evaluating and updating the site page by page, and once we validated the HTML and CSS throughout the site, we started work on WCAG compliance.

Using the highest-rated tools, we ranked each of the compliance errors by priority of assistive technology requirements, and systematically went through the site working toward WCAG 2.0 AAA compliance.

We installed our Content Management System into The Yves Landry Foundation’s website, and then added several custom modifications to the system.
First of all, we implemented a custom news updating system that enabled the client to easily manage all news events on the website.

Secondly, we created a custom calendaring system so Foundation staff could create and manage calendar events. Implementing these systems greatly reduced The Yves Landry Foundation’s internal administrative costs.

The Yves Landry Foundation utilizes ChromeMedia to implement changes to site content, and also to implement new technical systems.
Using us as their provider has enabled the Foundation to effectively run their operations and reduce the time internal staff spend on web issues. This has freed up time for their organization to spend more time on the things that matter and are key to the foundation’s mandate.

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