The Lions Club of Kitchener runs many local programs such as Altes Muenchen Haus Oktoberfest Hall, The K-W Santa Claus Parade, K-W Citizen of the Year, the annual Magic Show, just to name a few. The Lions Club of Kitchener has been able to leave a positive impact on local athletes and sports groups, assist in diabetes awareness and prevention, provide services for local youth, help the hearing impaired, as well as a variety of other areas of interest.

The Lions Club of Kitchener approached us with several goals. They needed a site with tools to help them gain new members, keep existing members updated, and promote the club to the community. ChromeMedia Inc. is proud to have worked with the club in their mission to better their community.
Due to the diverse amount of sponsors the club has at various events, ChromeMedia Inc. built a custom sponsor manager for their content management system. This manager allows a non-technical person to easily manage all event sponsors.
As part of the project, ChromeMedia Inc. created a new layout and design for the site. In addition, the club asked ChromeMedia to provide a better way of featuring event photos on the main page.
To accommodate this request, we implemented a Javascript photo slider on the home page. This slider also ties in with the content manager that runs the site, and the photos can be dynamically updated by the client.
The Lions Club of Kitchener website now boasts a content management system which enables the club to reduce their administrative costs as they are now able to have even a volunteer easily update the site.
The platform we have put in place will ensure the club can keep existing members updated on club events, while also promoting all the club’s activities to the general public and prospective members.
One of the major items the club also needed to address was to find an easier way to manage both their internal and external mailing list. We introduced the club to the online mail service MailChimp.
We then set up a web-based form that integrates with the MailChimp API. This enables site visitors to automatically sign up for the Lions Club mailing list, and will help the club gain new members.

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